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In November 1997, Madison County began the process of assigning 911 addresses for the entire county. Ordinance No. 97-89 was established to create "a county-wide street naming and addressing policy…to assist emergency service agencies, the United States Postal Service, and the public in the timely and efficient provision of services to residents and business of Madison County". This policy helped to establish standards for naming roadways, posting street signs, and assigning numbers to all dwellings, principal buildings, businesses and industries.

However, through the years this project has expanded as the needs for Madison County citizens have changed. The Madison County GIS/911 Addressing office now works in conjunction with various government offices to provide the most accurate and accessible data in reference to address changes and digital mapping. Some services offered include County maps with road names, digital maps for dispatchers, digital parcel maps for the Property Appraiser's Website, as well as a variety of other reports and maps as requested. This office is also involved in the process of Madison County becoming "wireless ready" before the designated deadline and maintains CenturyLink’s street name data, which is accessed each time a citizen dials 911 on a land line phone.

These projects are in addition to the original goal of locating each residence of Madison County and assigning 911 addresses. Addresses can then be validated for mail delivery when there is a permanent living structure or business on the property

The Madison County GIS/911 Addressing Office is here to serve the public in a timely and efficient manner. We hope that this website will help educate the public on the importance of 911 addressing. If you should have any questions concerning this site or the information contained herein, please email us at GIS@madisoncoannex.com

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FAX: 850-973-3659
Cindy Colwell
  • GIS/911 Addressing Coordinator

    Janie Farnell
  • Addressing/Office Assistant